Biking to school & seeing the country

Jackson (9 yrs) and Bella (nearly 7) The limestone path that leads to Fernridge School just outside Masterton is getting a lot of use these days. Fernridge School are strong supporters of Movin’March and their families are certainly making the most of the pathway this month. 

Jess’s two children Jackson (9 yrs) and Bella (nearly 7) love it when they get closer to the school and finally get off the road and onto the trail. “We are so lucky” says Jess. “Our journey to school starts on the road, but it’s very wide and there’s lots of space for bikes. It’s much safer than riding on the footpath where you can get caught out by sneaky driveways.” 

The Kosena family moved to Masterton last year and made a pact to ride their bikes to school every day when they started at Fernridge School. With it being just 3kms away this was quite achievable and the benefits of this bike trip through all the seasons were obvious. “It’s fantastic. We get to see the hills covered in snow in the winter, spot the baby lambs and calves in the spring and enjoy the shady trees in the summer. Biking in the city was a lot harder where we lived before in Wellington.” 

Jackson and Bella also get the promise of an ice-cream on Fridays if they’ve managed to clock 10 trips to school during the week. “It’s just part of our routine now, once you start it becomes a habit and I wouldn’t have it any other way”. Thanks to the Kosena family for wheeling to school not just during Movin’March but all year round. Ka pai Fernridge School! And what an amazing pathway you have.

Updated 24 March 2022 at 10:16