Breakfast in the Park on the way to Oxford Crescent

Sell family picnicWhen the Sell family returned from abroad to settle in Upper Hutt a few years ago, they lived 3 kms away from the school and mum Annette and her three boys walked or scooted to Oxford Crescent School. 

Not everyone was up to riding a bike at the time but during the first lockdown they had the opportunity to fast-track middle son Bryce’s biking skills which now makes the journey for everyone by bike possible. 

As they now live closer to the school the bike ride takes just 5 minutes these days, but the desire for outings has only increased.  “We just love getting out on our bikes. For us it’s about keeping healthy, getting fresh air and moving”. 

Annette notices how much more her sons eat because they’re always burning off energy, so stopping for breakfast and other snacks along the way is a fun way to switch up the morning routine.  “Even if we’re on road patrol, it’s important to make time to pull over, refuel and enjoy our surroundings.” 

Annette has taught her eldest boys (Liam – 11yrs and Bryce – nearly 9) the road code to help with cycling safely.  Killian (3 ½) goes on the back with Mum, but he’s already in training.  “Now the two eldest are the ones checking for cars rather than me telling them. They’re aware of their surroundings and know all the hand signals.” 

Annette says they’re always getting out and about in their neighbourhood because being healthy is the priority.  If it’s raining, Annette says they all don raincoats and just get on with it.  “It doesn’t faze them.  It’s just so good for their mental health to keep moving and we all love it”. 

Thanks to the Sell family for sharing their Movin’March story and to Oxford Crescent School for being such a great long-time supporter of this initiative!

Updated 17 March 2022 at 12:19