Helping tamariki cross at Miramar Central School

Nurredin and Sumaya on the way to schoolLast week the Mohamed family posted a picture of Year 5 student Sumaya walking with her Dad Nurredin to Miramar Central School.

Being part of the Road Patrol team means Dad and daughter leave a little earlier than usual, but for Sumaya getting to school by 8.30am is no big deal. She signed up because it would be fun, but she’s also learned about the responsibilities.

“You find out how far away a car needs to be for it to stop in time. I enjoy it but sometimes it’s hard leaving class early if they’re in the middle of something fun. Then again, I like how there’s heaps more students using the patrol during Movin’March. It makes you feel really good helping so many others cross the road safely.”

Nurredin and Sumaya often walk to school but especially during Movin’March. Sumaya enjoys the chats with Dad and Nurredin agrees it’s important to encourage students to walk or ‘wheel’ and loves how Miramar Central School has supported Movin’March over the years. “It’s more healthy all round. You get to see your neighbours along the way and feel more connected.”

A big shout out to all the Road Patrollers and to Miramar Central School for supporting Movin’March!

Updated 17 March 2022 at 12:19