Movin’ it for themselves

Lyon (6 yrs), Eden (9 yrs) and Mataio (8 yrs)The Fagalilo whānau have been getting right into walking and wheeling to Kahurangi School this Movin’March but for them it’s already a way of life. From left, Lyon (6 yrs), Eden (9 yrs) and Mataio (8 yrs) are happy to look out for each other and to meet their friends on their way to school. 

As a family they’ve talked about the importance of safety and follow Mum Bianca’s instructions about getting off the bike to walk across one intersection where visibility is tricky. 

“I was pretty independent when I was a kid” says Bianca. “So it always made sense to me that they’d go without me at some point. Not all families get to experience that, but for me it was natural and I can see the freedom and satisfaction it gives them”. 

Eden is often the one that gets up first in the morning to motivate the others to leave on time – most days anyway. Then it’s deciding what method of transport to use – skate, bike, skating or hīkoi today? Eden likes to help teachers get the class ready for the day and all three like getting to school a little earlier to skate or play with their mates. 

Bianca says “I’m just really pleased it’s such a positive experience for them. I hear from other parents how other kids meet up with mine and love chatting with them. Well that makes you feel really good and you just don’t get that driving to school. I’m used to walking everywhere and so are my kids.” 

Ka rawe Fagalilo Whānau! Thanks for your fabulous Movin’March energy, being such great Kahurangi School ambassadors and for sharing your positivity with your neighbourhood!

Updated 31 March 2022 at 09:41