Safe journeys to Naeanae School

Shannon Morunga and her bikeShannon Morunga decided she wanted to start biking to Naenae School at the beginning of the year and Mum (Kegz) was all for it.  “We’re relying too much on using our cars to get to school and I thought, well she’s got a bike and a helmet, so why not?” 

Mum walked with Shannon the first few times to talk about the best way to go and where there would be safe places to go to if needed. There are three “safe houses” that Shannon can visit if she wants, or can pop into to say Hi.  Shannon bikes past Hei Oranga Anamata and then it’s her koro’s house (he often waves out) and finally it’s Auntie Aroha’s who also walks with a group of tamariki to Naenae School. 

Lately on her bike home Shannon has been finding treasures to give to her little brothers (4 yrs & 1 yrs) so they can all build rockets and things for their new kitten to play with when she gets home.

On many journeys Shannon joins her school mates from Kōhanga te Ra, the Whānau unit at Naenae School who bike all the way from Taita and they all travel together.  “I just love biking” Shannon says.  “It does feel good getting to school on my own and it’s given me confidence.  I feel safe and like I know the place more”. 

Kegz admits that Shannon is super-motivated especially around Movin’March.  “She’s always been sporty and she also just likes to do things for her little brothers a lot.  She’s caring.  It’s just how she is”. 

Ka rawe Shannon!  Thank you for being so caring during Movin’March - with your whānau, neighbourhood and your kura.  And thank you Naenae Primary for being such awesome supporters of Movin’March!

Updated 17 March 2022 at 12:19