Response to LGOIMA request 2023-020 28 February 2023

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Response to LGOIMA request 2023-020 28 February 2023 preview
  • Published Date Tue 04 Apr 2023
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Request for information: 

"Metlink Is there somewhere we can find the contracts with NZBus and Tranzurban? They've both absolutely failed at living up to their end of the bargain. 

I'd love to know how much we're paying them and how much they're being penalised for poor performance and non-delivery (if at all). 

They've failed to recruit more drivers because they refuse to pay them a decent amount and provide decent working condition - this is entirely on them. How much as this cost Metlink/GWRC in additional spend? How much has Metlink had to spend on driver recruitment marketing for example? Decent public transport results in positive local economic outcomes, has there been any alaysis on what these interruptions have cost in terms of wider local economic impact? 

Apoligies for the long comment - happy to send this in as an email, or an OIA if that's easier. I do really appreciate all the work you do. I don't believe this is Metlink's fault, that is assuming you are holding the providers accountable." 

Updated 4 April 2023 at 13:39