Bikes in Schools

Bikes in Schools is a programme to allow students equal access to bikes and tracks in the school setting so everyone can experience the benefits of cycling. 

School bike tracks around the region

Find your local school bike track so you can ride away from traffic and practice your skills 

Looking for a place to ride away from traffic and practice your skills?

The following schools have purpose built bike tracks that are available to the community outside of school hours.

There are a range of track types and surfaces, asphalt perimeter loops, limestone (unsealed) perimeter loops, sealed and unsealed pump tracks, and wooden skills tracks that include bike seesaws and slaloms.

Event funding

Check with, or if your school is eligible to apply for an event fund.

Bike on NZ Charitable Trust are offering funding for schools wanting to organise events that:

  • Involve use of their school bike track and/or bikes
  • Have outcomes that include more biking, cycle safety, community engagement or fun
  • Include students, staff, whanau etc

The funding could be to provide spot prizes, catering, helmets for families that might need them, or any other ideas along those lines. These grants are available any time with the application form: 

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