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  • Published Date Tue 20 Jun 2023
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The purpose of the Recloaking Papatūānuku Restoration Guide (referred to hereafter as Restoration Guide) is to guide the phased retirement of grazed land in Greater Wellington’s (GW) regional parks and to support the progressive restoration of native ecosystems on that land. This report informs the Recloaking Papatūānuku Restoration Programme (RPRP) of work. The successful implementation of this programme will be a critical component of achieving GW’s declared climate emergency and Corporate Carbon Neutral Action Plan goal of being carbon neutral by 2030. Grazing in parks currently contributes approximately 15-20% of corporate carbon emissions. The restoration programme is guided by the statutory management plan for parks, Toitū Te Whenua Parks Network Plan 2020-30 (Toitū Te Whenua) and its vision, goals, policies and actions for particular parks. Toitū Te Whenua is the overarching planning document for all eight regional parks, totalling 33,000 hectares of public land. The restoration of healthy ecosystems is at the core of the Plan’s long-term vision:

‘Restoring healthy ecosystems for the benefit of people and nature. He

waka eke noa. We’re all in this together, moving forward’

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