Response to LGOIMA 2023 3 July 2023

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Response to LGOIMA 2023 3 July 2023 preview
  • Published Date Mon 04 Sep 2023
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Request for information: 

"This bus passed me as a cyclist illegally. As it passed, the bus was so close to hitting me - probably less than 20cm away from my shoulder. As far as I know, the bus driver is supposed to execute an overtaking maneuver, giving at least 1.5m space from the cyclist. None of this happened, the bus just drove right past me. A further mis-judgement could've killed me.

Can the driver's actions here please be investigated? Has this driver had any other complaints against them in the past? What training are the bus drivers given to ensure they can safely pass cyclists in Wellington? How often is their training reviewed and tested? Can you please treat these questions as an OIA request."

Updated 4 September 2023 at 16:17