He rā WOW mō te whānau

WOW family day

Encourage whānau to walk or wheel to school – even if it’s just for one day! 

Pick a day during March (or one day a week) to encourage the whole school to walk or wheel to school. Get your senior students on board to organise a fun Family WOW to school day. 

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Pick a theme

  • Fancy feet
  • Plogging or palking! Walking or jogging to school while picking up rubbish
  • Walk your family dog to school day
  • Dress your Wheels day
  • 80’s aerobics! Dig out the spandex & leotards
  • Treasure hunt on the way to school

When families get to school

Hold a fancy feet parade, give out spot prizes for parent participation!

Give out spot prizes from your Movin’March prize pack.

Advertise it!

Get students to design posters (DOCX 467 KB) or invitations to promote the event to go home to parents.

Put it in your school newsletter – download our newsletter copy to use.

Share it on your social media and website.

Tell us about it

Let the Movin’March team know your WOW Family Day plans – we’d love to come along.

If we can’t attend make sure you send us some photos – email us at schooltravel@gw.govt.nz.

To help get your families on board

Check out the Resources and Activities page for tools to...

  • Use the Map My Journey (PDF 186 KB) activity as homework so families can plan their route to school.
  • Set up a few special WOW Family Day Walking School Buses with parent volunteers.
  • Set up a Walking Buddies system by matching up families who live near each other.
  • Set up a drop-off point near the school. Download the Park and Stride Guide (PDF 4.1 MB) for more info.
  • Share answers to some common questions about walking to school in your newsletter.
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